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Jack Markell served as Governor of Delaware from 2009-2017, after being elected in 2008 (67% of the vote) and re-elected in 2012 (69%). In 2012-13, as Chairman of the National Governor’s Association, he led all fifty Governors with the initiative of “Employing People with Disabilities for a Better Bottom Line”, which brought incredible focus and interest with all Governors across all fifty states on this very important issue.


Jack Markell is a proven chief executive. In January 2017, he completed 8 years of service leading a $4 billion enterprise with 30,000 employees.  He successfully turned around the economy of a state, positioned its citizens for future prosperity and been selected as a leader by his peers.  He also has significant private sector expertise in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic planning and currently serves on three corporate boards.  In addition, he has a wide range of experience dealing with global, national and local media ranging from broadcast television to print to social media.

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